Marine Management

In port management, Limaş focuses on high capacity and safe service, while in shipping, Fiber Denizcilik makes a difference with its new generation low-fuel consuming vessels.


PORT MANAGEMENT Operating under the umbrella of Hayat Holding, Limaş Port Management Inc. has been operating in İzmit-Yenikoy, Kocaeli-Yenikoy, where the group facilities are located, since 1992.

Working at high capacity with 57 chemical tanks, 6 fuel oil tanks and 19 different product lines, Limas not only meets the terminal, storage and logistics needs of Hayat Holding's group companies, but also provides safe service to industrial establishments. Limas, which has two piers of 165 meters and 240 meters in length, provides storage, logistics, loading and unloading services in the fields of liquid chemicals and petroleum derivatives, project cargoes, dry cargo, containers and general cargo. With a business volume of 2.5 million cubic meters per year in chemical storage, it is the liquid chemical terminal that handles the most cargo in Turkey as of 2021.

Limaş get focus with container terminal with the capacity and competence to provide fast and high quality service to all industrial establishments in its hinterland, TS EN ISO 9001: 2015, TS EN ISO 14001: 2015 and TS IBO01: 2014 quality certificates, Sahabettin Bilgisu Environment Award and Green Port certificate and with a wide range of general cargo services.


Fiber Maritime and Ship Management, which started its operations in 2016, Fiber Denizcilik, carries 1 million tons of cargo annually with its new generation environmentally friendly ships and visits more than 100 ports across the world every year. In addition to the ships it operates, it connects more than 100 ships annually with the ships it leases from the market for group companies. There are 5 ships in its fleet, 3 of which are active and 2 is under construction. In ship operation and management, it gives priority to providing security, pollution prevention and ship maintenance services at competitive and low-cost rates by providing the most advanced ship management service with innovative and pioneering solutions.

M/V MAPLE 53.199 Dwt 2018 Oshima Shipyard, Japan

M/V ACACIA 33.677 Dwt 2011 Shin Kurushima Shipyard, Japan

M/V EUCALYPTUS 36.896 Dwt 2019 Oshima Shipyard, Japan

M/V NEW ACACIA 39.000 Dwt 2024 Oshima Shipyard, Japan

M/V HOLDER 64.150 Dwt 2026 Oshima Shipyard,Japan