Taking firm steps forward on a path charted out with a vision of benefits for generations, Hayat embraces the motto "We treat life well" to preserve the colors of our blue and green planet!


Our obligations to society are not limited to high-quality and accessible products or services. Besides doing our job in the best way we can, adding value to society is also among our fundamental responsibilities. “Benefits to society” is a core principle that we integrate into our business shaped on the axis of people and society in the light of our corporate values.

We Treat Life Well, Ecologic Literacy

We aim to increase the ecologic literacy levels of primary school 3rd and 4th grade students, teachers and parents across Turkey. Since we kicked off We Treat Life Well, Ecologic Literacy, in collaboration with Republic of Türkiye Ministry of National Education, our aim is to contribute to climate change awareness, to draw attention to the scarcity of resources on our planet, to develop behaviors towards protecting resources and conscious consumption. With the project, which is enriched with games and visual activities in line with the curriculum, we plan to encourage students to think about what they can do better for our world with a solution-oriented approach.

Bond With Love

One of the most important elements of economic and social development is maternal and baby health. Molfix Bond With Love raises awareness about secure attachment bond by providing trainings for parents and healthcare professionals. By investing in technical equipment in neonatal intensive care units in state hospitals, we contribute to the opportunity to treat more babies and to equal opportunities.

Girl’s Promise Academy

We invite 250 women between the ages of 18-25 on a 12-week educational journey to remove the obstacles in front of their goals with Molped Girl's Promise Academy, which was established to help women shape their future by discovering their goals, dreams and themselves.

Support to Forests

Kastamonu Entegre, a partner of ENAT, Turkey's first industrial forest project, creates memorial forests and supports tree planting campaigns each year as part of Forest Week events.

Volunteering Projects

We contribute to the environment and the society with volunteering projects we carry out with the participation of our employees, while also cooperating with various non-governmental organizations.