Taking firm steps forward on a path charted out with a vision of benefits for generations, Hayat embraces the motto "We treat life well" to preserve the colors of our blue and green planet!


We realize all our value creation in a way that sets an example for the harmony of human and nature. We see ourselves as an element of all the resources of our planet and all of humanity, and we recognize that we are an integral part of the struggle for a sustainable future.

Energy and Climate Management

We carry out projects to increase operational efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power use per unit of production. We calculate our carbon footprint in order to observe the direct and indirect impact of our activities on climate change and make required improvements. We have acquired high energy efficiency thanks to waste heat recovery, renewable energy production and trigeneration projects in our production facilities.

80% energy efficiency in global production facilities (Hayat)

45.9 million kwh of energy saving (Kastamonu Entegre)

Prevention of 400.000 tons of carbon emissions annually due to biomass power stations (Kastamonu Entegre)

Water Management

Water is one of the scarcest resources in the world. We reduce our water consumption consistently by implementing special engineering solutions to minimize the amount of water used in our production processes and reuse water in accordance with our quality standards. We regularly calculate our water consumption in order to monitor our performance.

Ranks third among European tissue paper producers (Hayat)

More than 50% saving in underground water use (Hayat)

Annual waste water recovery equivalent to consumption of 5,000 people (Kastamonu Entegre)

Waste Management

In line with a waste management approach that supports circular economy, we ensure reducing solid wastes, assorting and disposing them at source in accordance with legislation as we aim at the highest level of recovery possible. We treat and discharge wastewater through chemical and biological treatment facilities in all our production facilities again in accordance with the legislation.

100% recycling in non-woven and flexible packaging wastes (Hayat)

Zero marine pollution thanks to the use of low emission fuel (Fiber Marin)