Taking firm steps forward on a path charted out with a vision of benefits for generations, Hayat embraces the motto "We treat life well" to preserve the colors of our blue and green planet!

Our Sustainability Approach

As Hayat, we believe that a better future can be built through cooperation and determination. Within the framework of our core values ​​of respect, fairness, inclusiveness, equality, dignity, loyalty and open-mindedness, and together with all our stakeholders, especially our employees, we aim at creating sustainable value to be offered to the benefit of the local and global society.

“We Treat Life Well” is our motto, with all our stakeholders, with a perspective to pass on a more livable world to next generations by protecting the environment and its resources, supporting inclusive social progress, and ensuring stable growth resilient to global changes in line with a company vision of benefits for generations.

Please see our Sustainability Manifest

Sustainability Reports

Hayat 2019 Sustainability Report
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KEAS Sustainable Report 2019
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Hayat 2022 Sustainability Report
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