Taking firm steps forward on a path charted out with a vision of benefits for generations, Hayat embraces the motto "We treat life well" to preserve the colors of our blue and green planet!


We manage our relations with all our stakeholders, primarily our employees, by placing the principles of justice and integrity at the centre of our business.

Human Resources

At Hayat, human capital is the main pillar of success and the guarantee for the future. As a global group, colleagues from different cultures are our greatest asset. Our human resources policy, which supports diversity and inclusion, ensures equality of opportunity. We are committed to providing a fair, supportive and healthy working environment in which all employees from different corners of the world can develop their talents, participate in all corporate processes and feel content to be a part of it.

Occupational Health and Safety

We rely on globally adopted standards and legal requirements in protecting the health and safety of our employees, embracing our Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy as part of our corporate culture. In this context and with a proactive approach that focuses on preventing hazardous situations and occupational accidents, we identify sources of risk in advance in all our facilities, take corrective and preventive actions, and support occupational health with extensive training.

Employee Development and Training

As group that aims at constant development, innovation and education, we care about the development of our employees and offer them training programs to support their professional and personal development. We support their career with programs such as in-house mentoring, leadership and managerial competency, internal trainer training, and competence-oriented training, and prepare educational and development plans for all levels.