Paper Package

Natron-Hayat, which carries out its production with environmental awareness, supplies wood only from renewable resources and carries out its activities by considering the natural stability of forests.


Paper Natron-Hayat operates as an unbleached pulp and paper mill in the production of various paper and paper packaging types. With the Natron craft paper factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was acquired by Kastamonu Entegre and Hayat in 2005, the company started its activities under the name Natron-Hayat, and thanks to the natural forests of its geography, it is able to provide the high quality long fiber wood necessary to reach good pulp and paper quality levels.

Carrying out its production with environmental awareness, Natron-Hayat draws wood only from renewable sources and carries out its activities without disturbing the natural balance of forests.

The company, which produces craft paper used in packaging and cement bag manufacturing, is the largest craft paper producer in the region. Exporting 95% of its production to more than 70 countries, Natron Hayat makes 85% of its sales to European markets, including Turkey. The rest of the capacity is exported to the Middle East, Far East and Africa.