Wood Based Panels

Kastamonu Entegre, a global power in the industry, brings the warmth and purity of nature to living spaces.


The Kastamonu Entegre, which started production in 1971, has been making uninterrupted production in the wood-based panel sector for more than half a century as one of Turkey's boldest steps towards industrialization. The company has production facilities in 6 locations in Turkey: Kastamonu, Gebze, Balıkesir, Samsun, Tarsus and Adana. As the first company to invest abroad in its sector, it is a strong player in the global arena with its investments in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia and Italy. The company has a subsidiary in the USA, where it carries out wood chip supply and logistics processes.

Kastamonu Entegre is among the top 5 producers in the world and among the top 3 producers in Europe in the wood-based panel sector with its investments abroad for 25 years. Kastamonu, which is one of the world's 4 largest producers in each of its main product groups, MDF, particleboard, laminate flooring, door panel products, realizes 6 percent of global laminate flooring production alone. Turkey's sector leader with a 30 percent market share, Kastamonu exports to 100 countries in 6 continents from China to America, Australia to Canada.

With an annual turnover of 1.9 billion dollars and its power, knowledge and experience in production, Kastamonu Entegre employs approximately 7 thousand people in its domestic and international production facilities and offices. The company, which appeals to the furniture, decoration and construction sectors with its MDF and particleboard, laminate flooring, countertop and door panel products, produces a volume that will create the living spaces of 4,500 houses every day in its production facilities with a total annual production capacity of 7.1 million cubic meters of wood-based panels. Kastamonu Entegre, which has been among the top 50 companies in the "500 Largest Industrial Enterprises" list of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry for the last 10 years, also holds the titles of the largest Turkish investor in Italy and the largest MDF producer and exporter in Russia.