Taking firm steps forward on a path charted out with a vision of benefits for generations, Hayat embraces the motto "We treat life well" to preserve the colors of our blue and green planet!

Sustainability Management

While moving forward with a globalization vision, our business management approach focuses on sustainable growth. We see all our stakeholders, starting with our employees, as our companions, and we enjoy mutual gains of sustainable growth through decisions to contribute to their development.

Economic Performance

We are boosting investments in Turkey and abroad while diversifying our products in line with consumer needs and expectations in a bid to ensure the continuity of our financial and operational successes and sustain growth. In each country we are active, we support local employment in sales and marketing along with facility investments and add value to economic development by focusing on activities that will earn permanent success for our brands.

Product Quality and Safety

A focus on high quality and innovation since day one has helped us deliver our Turkey-born brands to millions of homes in more than 100 countries. We believe in everyone's right to access high-quality and safe products, thus offering the same quality to our consumers in each country in which we operate. The basis of our quality vision is ensuring the continuity of high-quality products and services of choice in all markets in line with customer and consumer expectations and within the framework of sustainable costs. Simultaneously, we constantly work hard to increase efficiency, minimize losses and reduce our environmental impact, developing systems to improve production and service processes and products.


From raw material selection and packaging to production technologies, the basis of our operations is efficiency as we integrate systems that will increase such productivity in all processes. Value creation with less input by using limited resources such as raw materials, energy and water more efficiently, and reducing and recycling wastes underlie our understanding of productivity.

Business Ethics and Harmony

We consider honesty, fairness, justice, and respect for rights as basic principles in all activities. Complying with local law in countries of operation, our business culture requires treating the people, environment, society, local traditions, and customs with respect. Business ethics that we adopt as core values determine the behavioral standards of all our employees and stakeholders, guiding us in operating within the framework of honesty and integrity.

Risk Management

Our corporate risk management understanding covers early detection of strategic, financial, operational and compliance risks and taking countermeasures for the sake of sustainability. We identify risks, evaluate impacts and possibilities, and determine relevant responses and controls. The risks are evaluated under the titles of operational, financial, compliance and strategy.