Beyond Horizon

    A better future will be possible with a sustainable world where everyone on earth benefits from equal opportunities and enjoys better living conditions. Now is the time for HAYAT to reach people in the most distant corners of the world and go beyond the horizon with products that add value to life.

Hayat Holding

With a vision of benefit for generations, we build bridge to a better life for millions of people in more than 100 countries.


The foundations of Hayat, today a global company, were laid in 1937 with a small store established by the late Avni and his brother Fahri Kiğılı in Sultanhamam, Istanbul.

In those days, Avni and Fahri Kiğılı Collective Company, which did business in the field of textile, was far from being big enough to support the dream of becoming one of the world's leading groups by embarking on industrial investments.

But fairness and integrity, determination and courage, and the passion to be responsible to the society and humanity, which are the most fundamental elements that have led to Hayat's success today, sprouted in that modest work place.

In 1961, when Yahya Kiğılı took over the business at the age of 17 upon the death of his father, the company began to grow in size. In 1969, the first step towards industrialization was taken and Kastamonu Entegre Co. Inc. was founded. In 1987, with the establishment of Hayat Kimya Co. Inc. the company entered the fast-moving consumer goods sector. These initiatives in the field of industry were followed by investments in real estate development, paper, maritime and finance sectors.

Today, with 67 companies and more than 20.000 employees, Hayat Holding, which has a global voice in its sectors, touches millions of people around the world with its activities in 17 countries and 49 brands produced in 44 production facilities spread over four continents.