Our People Focused Approach

We offer a working environment focused on employee satisfaction with our Human Resources approach that is based on equal opportunities, respects diversity and ethical values, and supports development; we carry Hayat to the world with the synergy created by our employees who look to the future with confidence.

Our People Focused Approach

The guarantee of our success in 5 continents and more than 100 countries is our dynamic, innovative and open minded human resources.


for a sustainable future, we believe in the necessity of creating a world where all humanity can lead a qualified life and benefit from opportunities equally, and we place “human” at the center of our globalization journey. This human-oriented approach also forms the basis of our Human Resources policy.

Based on the fact that success is possible with happy employees, we consider improving the experience of our employees as one of our main priorities. We support a sharing communication culture, development and social structures in which individuals can express themselves with an open mind within the group; we strengthen the working environment we offer with our values of justice, honesty, respect for people and belonging.


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