• Hayat Holding announces logo change with a global launch


Hayat Holding announces logo change with a global launch

Hayat Holding has created its new logo, which defines its vision for globalization, with its employees from many countries of the world, especially Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Iran, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. It was announced via digital launch with a tremendous attendance of 22 thousand people consisting of partners and members of the press. The event, hosted by M.Avni Kiğılı, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Executive Board, was presented by Jülide Ateş and Cem Davran. At the launch, where the new logo was introduced, the company's vision for the future, integrated with its new corporate identity, was shared.

Our new logo is a reflection of the bridge we have built between people and benefit.
Speaking at the launch, Hayat Holding Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer M. Avni Kiğılı said, “Our new logo, which is a reflection of our globalization journey and the bridge we have built between people and benefit, brings together the most beautiful colors of nature, blue and green, which represent a sustainable future. With our corporate identity change, our sustainability vision; we would like to announce to the whole world that we have adopted it as a commitment to deliver the benefit we produce to the farthest corners of our planet, without deviating from our core values of entrepreneurship, determination and courage, belonging, open-mindedness, justice and honesty, and respect for human and nature.”

The design of the logo is a result of three months of works of TBWA\Group Istanbul. N. Burcu Özdemir, CEO of TBWA\Group Istanbul said that: “It is a great responsibility to create the new logo of Hayat Holding, which has adopted the leadership in the sector in changing world conditions and always focuses on products and services that will add value to the world. We have worked with a responsible and beyond-the-day design approach that draws strength from the past and will shape the future.”

Announced 1.1 billion global investments with logo change
M. Avni Kiğılı said, “With our new face, we will continue our investments at full speed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have decided to invest 1.1 billion dollars both in Turkey and globally. Despite all the closures and travel difficulties, we have completed our first $400 million investment since the first quarter of 2020, and pressed the button for our 700 million-dollar investments.”

Donation to UNICEF for 132,000 children who are struggling
On behalf of 22 thousand people who attended, the inauguration, Hayat Holding donated “Hayat Support Packages” that will give hope to 132,000 children struggling with hunger and disease in various conflict zones around the world. Packages donated to the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, contain protective vaccines against infectious diseases, therapeutic foods and clean water tablets.