• $1.1 Billion Investment by Hayat Holding During the Pandemic


$1.1 Billion Investment by Hayat Holding During the Pandemic

Avni Kiğılı, as an extension of this understanding, said that despite the pandemic conditions, they continue their investments both in Turkey and in the world without slowing down. Kiğılı said, “We will continue our investments at full speed with our new face. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we decided to invest $ 1.1 billion. Despite all the restrictions, shutdowns and travel difficulties, we have successfully completed our first $400 million investment since the first quarter of 2020. We pressed the button for our 700 million dollar investments, as well.

In this process; we are establishing a new tissue production facility in Mersin with Hayat Kimya; a particle board facility in Samsun and an MDF facility in Balıkesir with Kastamonu Entegre. Last year, we established a surgical mask factory in our Kocaeli production campus in order to respond to the urgent need in our country. Thus, we have invested in a new category for us. When we look abroad, we will establish non-woven facilities in Egypt, paper facilities in Algeria and Russia, and particle board facilities in Russia. We will continue to be the largest tissue paper producer in this country with our new facility that we will commission in addition to our existing paper factory in Russia.”

Hayat is now turning its face to Southeast Asia

Saying that after Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, they are now heading towards Southeast Asia with a strategic investment, M. Avni Kiğılı announced that they opened a diaper factory in Vietnam with an investment of 100 million dollars. Kiğılı continued his words by saying, “With this investment, we introduce the quality of Turkish brands to distant lands and proudly fly our flag in Southeast Asia” and continued: “The aim of the production facility we established in Vietnam is to expand our field of activity in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and 10 countries in the region. Our goal is to become one of the first two players in the market in a short time with our brands, as always, wherever we go.”

Significant contribution to employment with investments

Expressing that all these investments also contribute to employment, Avni Kiğılı said, "We have created more than 2000 additional employment since the beginning of the pandemic, and we will provide employment opportunities for 1600 more people with our new investments."

Donation to UNICEF for 132,000 children struggling for life

On behalf of 22 thousand people who participated in the launch, Hayat Holding donated “Hayat Support Packages” that will give hope to 132,000 children struggling with hunger and disease in various conflict zones around the world. Packages donated to the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, contain protective vaccines against infectious diseases, therapeutic foods and clean water tablets. Avni Kiğılı, Vice Chairman of Hayat Holding Board of Directors, thanked all the participants by saying, “By joining our launch, you have provided vital support to reach children in the struggle for survival”.